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  • Pbp 3.1.3
    by Charles Leo
    • Added support for devices: PIC16(L)F18424, PIC16(L)F18425, PIC16(L)F18426, PIC16(L)F18444, PIC16(L)F18445, PIC16(L)F18446, PIC16(L)F18455, PIC16(L)F18456
    • Fixed WRITECODE/ERASECODE/READCODE on addresses beyond 64K on 18(L)FxxK42
    • Fixed ON INTERRUPT for 18(L)FxxK42
    • Fixed Assembly header for 12LF1572
    • Changed installer based on user feedback
    07-19-2020, 07:54 AM
  • Pbp 3.1.2
    by Charles Leo
    • Fixed bit-compare and bank-select for banks higher than 15 in K42/K83 families
    • Fixed compile error when using arrays with 10F3xx
    • Fixed HPWM for 16F18313/23, 16F1769
    • Changed default #CONFIG for 16(L)F15xxx family to set SOSC pins to normal I/O
    • Changed default #CONFIG for 16(L)F171x family to disable ZCD on power up
    • Fixed HPWM CCPTMRSx-selection for 18(L)FxxK42
    • Fixed PPS and HPWM for 16F161x family
    • Fixed missing SFRs in 18LFxxK42 devices
    02-25-2019, 12:51 PM
  • Pbp 3.1.1
    by Charles Leo
    • Added support for devices: PIC16(L)F19155, PIC16(L)F19156, PIC16(L)F19175, PIC16(L)F19176, PIC16(L)F19185, PIC16(L)F19186, PIC16(L)F19195, PIC16(L)F19196, PIC16(L)F19197, PIC18(L)F24K42, PIC18(L)F25K42, PIC18(L)F26K42, PIC18(L)F27K42, PIC18(L)F45K42, PIC18(L)F46K42, PIC18(L)F47K42, PIC18(L)F55K42, PIC18(L)F56K42, PIC18(L)F57K42, PIC18(L)F25K83, PIC18(L)F26K83
    • Changed default PPS pins for HSER2 commands to avoid accidental ICSP lockout
    • Added method to cancel CCP-PPS defaults in devices so
    01-02-2018, 06:08 AM
  • BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) Number System
    by Charles Leo
    You should now be familiar with the Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal Number System. If we view single digit values for hex, the numbers 0 - F, they represent the values 0 - 15 in decimal, and occupy a nibble. Often, we wish to use a binary equivalent of the decimal system. This system is called Binary Coded Decimal or BCD which also occupies a nibble. In BCD, the binary patterns 1010 through 1111 do not represent valid BCD numbers, and cannot be used. Conversion from Decimal to BCD is straightfor...
    06-28-2017, 08:02 AM
  • Using Registers (SFRs) and reading the Microchip Data Sheet
    by SteveC
    The following excerpt from the ME Labs Trainer Board and Tutorial is provided to help users create a deeper understanding of SFRs and how to utilize information from the Microchip Data Sheet to write to a specific register. Here we are using an excerpt from the Microchip PIC16F1937 Data Sheet.

    Using registers (SFRs) and reading the Microchip Data Sheet

    The Microchip Data Sheet holds a lot of information. The intent is for it to hold all the information you...
    06-27-2017, 02:42 PM
  • Pbp 3.1.0
    by Charles Leo
    We've classified PBP 3.1 as a major upgrade due to additional assembly-libraries necessary to support Microchip's changes in memory map on their latest devices. The new libraries allow us to continue adding support for the latest 8-bit microcontrollers as they are released.
    • Added support for devices: 10(L)F320, 10(L)F322, 16(L)F15313, 16(L)F15323, 16(L)F15324, 16(L)F15325, 16(L)F15344, 16(L)F15355, 16(L)F15356, 16(L)F15375, 16(L)F15376, 16(L)F15385, 16(L)F15386, 16(L)F1773, 16(L)F1776,
    04-26-2017, 09:27 AM