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    meCONFIG - is a FREE utility that generates Configuration code for use with PicBasic Pro.

    No more searching through .info and .pbpinc files.
    Just select the CONFIG options you want, and copy&paste the results into your code. ...

    Welcome to the melabs Support Forums.

    We hope that these forums will provide many answers to questions you may have about melabs products including PicBasic Pro, programmers, developement and proto-boards.

    This site has just been opened, so there isn't much content here yet.
    Please feel free to ask questions to help build our base of information.

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    Atemp will be in the thousands so there would be a problem with temp2 being a word in your example wouldn't it? Or does the register still hold the real

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    Henrik Olsson

    I'm sorry you're experiencing the issues!
    But I'm also glad as it shows it's a problem not isolated to one or a couple of unique

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    ebay was working fine. C.Cards cannot be charged...


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    to complete the story , usercmd strings work like this , with one limitation the string needs to be at least 2 chrs else it's treated as a constant

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    not by my hand ioannis but windows seems to have at least one to do every time I turn the pc off. but I looks to me to be a combination of keystrokes

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