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Configuring U2 - need help

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  • Configuring U2 - need help

    I've installed PBP3, registered, and am ready to begin programming... As suggested I began with the "Blink" program and a fresh 16F88. Everything goes well, except that the "Searching for Programmer. Please wait..." Dialog fails to find the programmer.

    I am using the U2. The Add New Programmer dialog insists that "ME Labs USB, Serial, or EPIC" is installed and the "MicroEngineering Labs Programmer" is selected as the default in the compile program dropdown. Everything is on and up, the green LED on the U2 is lit...

    I had a similar issue with 2.6 and the problem had to do with MeProg.exe (as I recall I had to install it manually). I cannot find MeProg.exe anywhere on the original 2.6 install disk or my HD. As I reformatted in order to overcome issues with registering, 2.6 fails as well as 3.0 Gold.

    Any insite on what I'm missing here? Can I provide more information?

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    The U2 programmer can be used with any language that generates a .HEX file.
    It's not specific to PBP, and the software for it is not on the PBP disc.

    You should have received a separate disc with the U2 programmer.
    That needs to be installed for MicroCode Studio to find the meProg.exe program.

    If you cannot find your original disc, you can download the beta version from ...
    PBP3 Manual : Microchip Datasheets - 10F, 12F, 16F, 18F
    Never download a PIC datasheet from anywhere but


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      Yes, that was it. Thank you, I had forgotten about the programmer disk. All is working as intended now.

      No doubt you are as glad as I am.