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meProg error 0097

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  • meProg error 0097

    Anyone know what the 0097 error code means?
    Is there a list of error codes somewhere?
    Also, I'm programming a 16F627A and have on and off have the programmer tell me I had the wrong target processor which I didn't. Then sometimes it would work.

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    Hi Keith,

    meProg doesn't use Error Codes, it normally responds with descriptive error messages such as "target Device does not match selected device".

    You may see numbers in the errors, but those are usually addresses in memory.

    The program was written in Borland C, so you might be seeing a C error.

    Can you post an image of the error?
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      Can't get that error window at the moment. Having other problems with it now. Will report back after I do some work on things tomorrow.-Keith


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        It appears to be an 'erase' problem. I tried using 'low voltage erase' with the circuit running at 3.3Volts. I got it to work but I think that was after I switched to a 5 volt erase and then a 3.3Volts 'program'. Tried again at 3.3Volts and get an error.

        Ultimately the circuit must run at 3.3Volts for the LCD and transceiver. -Keith