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Read/Write to pic's EEPROM(help)

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  • Read/Write to pic's EEPROM(help)

    I am writing a .Net app that reads the value from a pic chip's EEPROM, modify it and writes it back.

    My issue is, I am reading the all of the data off the pic, and I do not want to do this.

    Are there any commands that will allow me to just read/write to the EEPROM?

    Here is my current command to read the data:
    -n -dPIC16F1936 -rC:\Users\Chelsey\Downloads\temphex.hex


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    Hi Chelsey,

    There aren't any command line options to do that.
    But you can change the options in the GUI and they will be saved when you close it.

    Go to Options > More Options > Read, and uncheck everything but "Data".

    Then when you do a -r from the command line, it will only put the EEPROM data and default configuration words in the .hex file.

    Unchecking everything except "Data" under Options > More Options > Program, and selecting "Low Voltage Erase" will program only the EEPROM data.

    "Low Voltage Erase" keeps it from doing a "Bulk Erase" which would erase existing program code and configurations.

    You could get fancy and have your program write the .ini file before reading then replace the old .ini afterwards.

    Or you could copy the entire melabs programmer folder and use it for your command line work.
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      @Darrel Taylor

      Perfect, thank you so much.


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        @Darrel Taylor

        I just thought of something. The order we are using will be: "this is all automated by the way"

        1) program entire pic
        2) perform test
        a: if pass, quit
        b: if fail, go to step 3
        3: read eeprom
        4: add +- to specific address and return to step 2

        My question is: If I have everything unchecked, I will not be able to program the entire pic at step 1, so...

        Are there any command line parameters to set the "options" you specified above?

        Are they anyways to have a different profile that can be switched at the command line?

        I prefer using your product "its much faster and less finicky than the PicKit3"; however, if I can't get this to work, I will have to revert to the PicKit3.



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          If you copy the melabs programmer folder (in c:\program files or c:\program files (x
          ) then you can execute the original meprog.exe for step 1 programming the entire chip.

          Use the copied meprog.exe with the special EEPROM settings for Step 3.
          PBP3 Manual : Microchip Datasheets - 10F, 12F, 16F, 18F
          Never download a PIC datasheet from anywhere but