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Migrate from PicKit2 Pickit3 to MeLabs

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  • Migrate from PicKit2 Pickit3 to MeLabs


    I am developing something with MPLAB and the pickit programmers. (Pickit3 works inherently with MPLAB 8.5 and then pickit2 with the pickit2 programming software and patches for my pic18f25k22 chip)

    Everything is working smoothly on the pickit side. But it isn't ideal for production and i'm wondering if i can do the same with the MeLabs programmer. If i compile the files in MPLAB and generate hex files, is that all that is needed? Can't i just use the same programming circuit (VPP, MCLR, VDD, VSS, etc) ? Or do I need to include a library or set config fuses differently?

    Thanks so much

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    For the melabs U2 programmer, that's all you need.
    The .HEX file contains all of the configuration bits.

    For the "Field Programmer", which can be better for a production environment, a special .HEX file is needed. But that is easy to generate from the original .HEX file using the meProg software that comes with the programmer.

    The ICSP circuit is the same, but the pinouts are different.
    You may want to use the adapter set that connects the melabs 10-pin output to a Microchip style 6-pin target.
    PBP3 Manual : Microchip Datasheets - 10F, 12F, 16F, 18F
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      great. thx so much

      that'll do it then. hope it is a smooth transition like u suggest.

      holy moly - $50 for a set of adaptors. Surely more convenient then my soldering and breadboard job though.