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Pic keeps resetting whilst Programmer is connected

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  • Pic keeps resetting whilst Programmer is connected

    Using U2 USB in ICSP mode it programmes ok but then the Pic resets randomly. Works ok with a 18f4550 but with a 18f4620 it keeps resetting, it is connected as per instructions, PGD and PGC are not used for anything else, PGM is connected to ground via 100k resistor. If I unplug the programmer the pic runs ok, I tried just disconnecting the connection to the MLCR but that made no difference. Any ideas why this is happening..

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    Check the voltage on the MCLR pin. Is it lower when the programmer is connected? Have you configured the MCLR pin as a reset pin? If so, what value pullup resistor is connected?
    Charles Leo
    ME Labs, Inc.