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Can the melabs U2 programmer be installed in MPLAB X IDE

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  • Can the melabs U2 programmer be installed in MPLAB X IDE


    Is it possible to install the U2 programmer in to the MPLAB X IDE ?

    I can't find anything on installing any programmers into the MPLAB X IDE.
    The PICkit 2 and 3, and the PM3 are automatically installed.

    If someone can point me to a step by step, or give a few pointers,
    I would be much obliged.

    Thanks in advance.

    I really like the PBP3 plugin for MPLAB X and I'd like to use the step through debugger.
    I've got a PICkit 3, but I don't like it as much as the U2.
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    The meProg software can't be integrated directly, but there are options that make it fairly easy to use with MPLAB.

    Options > Reread file before programming: This allows you to open a hex file once in meProg, then every time you program the PIC the software will use the last-saved version of the hex file. No need to reopen the file after a compile.

    View > Stay on top: This causes the meProg interface to stay on top of all other windows, so it's always available for quick programming after you compile in MPLAB

    The u2 is not capable of in-circuit debugging. To step through code, you'll have to switch to a Microchip programmer/debugger.
    Charles Leo
    ME Labs, Inc.


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      Hi...when Microchip introduced the new MPLABX IDE, the also introduced the MPLABX IPE for programming. The IPE takes the place of legacy programming software like PICkit. It is designed to work with all of Microchip's programmers, as well as approved 3rd party pieces. It's a free download at Look under Design/Development Tools/Software Tools for PIC.../MPLABX IDE.

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