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  • U2 Programmer Evaluation

    Well I broke out the MEL programmer and started playing around with it and the Beta release of the software. I put in a 16F877 (no A) and was able to read the device and query the device completely.

    I tried the same process with a 16F1939 using both program versions and everything worked fine.

    I went to the “Options Tab” and told the software to auto-detect the device in the socket. It worked great!! Even with the error message about possibly altering the contents was there was no problem at all.

    I looked at the “Read Me” and found no real questions on my part.

    I am using the 40 pin adaptor you provided. The only thing I see on the socket board is JP-1 which apparently enables the “28 – 40” pin option is not populated. There is also no C1 on this adaptor. I did see the note about adding the 0.1 uF bypass capacitor on the rear of the adapter board. I have to ask why you didn’t include it on the layout of the board? Just curious?

    I do believe you should add a note which tells the new users of this programming adapter to be sure they use the correct header when connecting it to the U2 programmer.

    For clarification purposes you do start the software first. Then select the proper device. Then insert the chip. I did not find anything specific stating this procedure in writing anywhere.

    The programmer software interface is extremely nice and intuitive!

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    The JP1 and C1 patterns on the 840Z adapter are only there to accommodate the special needs of some 3.3V parts. You can find more information at:

    The Vdd cap is already installed on the U2 programmer. Let me know where you saw the note about soldering it onto the back of the adapter and I'll correct it. That method was for older programmers when we first realized the need for the cap. You should not have to do this if you're using the U2.

    To change between the 28/40 pin parts and the smaller parts, two things need to happen. You must change the 10-pin ribbon to the appropriate header and orient pin-1 of the device in the appropriate corner of the socket. There is no jumper change associated with this.

    You've reminded me that the instruction sheet for the 840Z is very outdated. It really isn't very helpful at all. I'll try to get it updated soon. Some actual photos would be nice, I think.

    Thanks for your feedback!
    Charles Leo
    ME Labs, Inc.