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multiple U2 programmers on one system

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  • multiple U2 programmers on one system

    Hi darrel ,

    was wondering how many U2 Programmers and software running on the system at the same time

    getting very tired of plugging 1 unit in to several boards when doing testing/ changes , be nice to have say 4 running at the same time



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    You can have up to 4 connected at the same time.

    Go to File > Port, and uncheck Auto.
    Then when you go back to File > Port, you can select any of the 4 USB ports.

    Unfortunately, there's no way to assign which physical programmer is connect to the different ports.
    Windows assigns a port to each device when they are enumerated.
    That can be different if they get unplugged and re-plugged, or after a reboot.

    So yes you can do it, but you have to be careful which Port you use at any given time.
    Make sure the correct chip is selected, and do a Program > Get Target Information to verify it's talking to the right chip.
    Do a Blank Check or something so you can see which of the 4 LED's turns red, before programming the chip.
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      thanks darrel ,
      i was looking to get few more programmers , cos if the one breaks then ur really at a stopping point till a replacement comes.