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addtional features request U2 programmer

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  • addtional features request U2 programmer

    HI charles

    when doing the next release of code for the programmer , can you please consider these additional items

    1. When clicking on file - it shows the last 4 hex files loaded - can this be expanded to the last 10 ,
    this requested as one project has a number of " install " hex files prior to main program load , so having the last 10 would make it easy to select without going to directory selecting after its been done prior

    2. Serial number window to have option to move to other monitor like the other me prg windows - this is handy when a monitor is removed , but the serial window will remain on the same monitor and wont move to the next available monitor on reload of the program

    3. serial number remember the last values as used for the selected pic chip type - this is handy to do mainly for starting address and loction and LSB, MSB option specific for the pic chip it was last used for



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    This forum is a user support site. The guy responsible for the U2 Programmer seldom visits here. You'll get more traction posting your request here:
    We can crack this cotton PIC'n thang!


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      hey mike , hope all is going well , thought id put in here for any other feedback , but ill also copy a liink direct to charles in box


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        Not to mention ALL OF THESE USELESS POSTS...
        Dave Purola,


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          Yea! I accidentally got forums mixed up; this IS the right forum!?! OOPS!
          We can crack this cotton PIC'n thang!


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            Confirming that I've read this. I'll mention the recent-files expansion to the developer.

            If you lose meProg windows on a ghost monitor, you can shut down the software and delete the meprog.ini file from the installation folder. It will set everything to default including window locations. Not sure if we can do more, but I'll ask.

            The settings-per-chip will require some thought. I can visualize a way to do it, but it could lead to unwanted consequences both technically and from a usability viewpoint. There might be a way to offer it to power-users via file edits. That would keep it limited in scope and wouldn't force it on users that don't want it.

            The settings you're referencing are stored in the meprog.ini file. The file is read once when the software starts and updated as it closes, so you can batch-replace the file for different settings before launching. It helps to install the software outside of the Program Files tree so the file operations aren't restricted.
            Charles Leo
            ME Labs, Inc.


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              ok thanks charles