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  • U2 programer - software wish list

    Hi Charles,

    one of the things that would like to see in the software at some time in the future is a
    " last 5 chips selected list option"

    this list would also associate the last file loaded to that particular chip option

    very often when doing a project it is common to have different cpus within a project on several devices.

    going though the list of the many cpus to select the same set of cpus and the files to be programmed for a project is a time consuming and often the wrong cpu is selected by error and need to be re selected

    this option would be very handy and should be easy to incorporate into the existing software



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    That's an interesting thought. A "Recent Devices" list in the File menu, maybe. The plan is to drop support for the old parallel-port programmer soon and port the meProg development to a more modern compiler. That should make this sort of thing a bit easier.

    For a more immediate solution, you can move the .EPC files for the devices you aren't using into a sub-folder. The dropdown list is populated with the names of the .EPC files that it finds. If it only finds the devices that you are using, then the list will be short.

    You can also rename the files or make copies with different names. I've done this for a project I've been working on. If you put "_Timer.EPC" in the folder, the dropdown will start with "_Timer" as the first device selection. The sort is alpha-numeric, I think.
    Charles Leo
    ME Labs, Inc.


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      ok ill give that a go , there a lot of cpu 's in the list and its very rare for me to use more then 5


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        yes moving the unused epc files to another sub directory helped a lot.

        the program does come up with an error first time around when it cant find the original startup epc file but is solved by selecting the pic u need after that.


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          charles is there a way to select a project directory for the epc files for the chips i need / listed for that project.

          only way i can see is to copy all the epc files i need + exe files to a project program directory and add links to those directory as required for programming


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            The files are always read from the directory in which meProg.exe exists. There's no way to change that.

            Multiple folders with duplicates of meProg.exe will work fine. This also gives you a separate meProg.ini for each project, so all the option settings will stick with each project. This would also work well with MCS because you can create multiple, custom-named programmer entries with that point to different programmer folders.

            You could also write batch files to move files in and out of the folder. I've done this with the meProg.ini to set options.
            Charles Leo
            ME Labs, Inc.