Hello ereryone! I'm new to the forum and microPIC programming too...
First of all sorry for my bad english
I need your help about the programmer indicated in the title above.
Here are some assumptions that I believe are necessary to resolve my problem:
- PicBasic PRO v2.60C
- MicroCODE Studio v4.0.0.0
- Assembler used: Mpasmwin 520
- Melabs U2 Programmer USB - v4.52 beta

All above listed running on Windows 8.1 PRO @ 64 bit.

I tried many times to program the PIC mod.16F84A by inserting it -with care- in "8-40 pin ZIF programming adaptor" corresponding the PIN 1 of the chip with the "PIN 1: 8-20" of the adaptor... I'd like to write on the chip my first program blink.HEX (only one LED)... so I select:
- Oscillator: XT
- Watchdog Timer: Disabled
- Power-up Timer: Disabled
- Code Protect: Off

than I select the HEX file and press "Program" button: at this point I see that the green light of the LED of the U2 programmer becomes RED until the operation ends... the LED becomes green again, everything seems to be fine but..... when I go to read the "EEPROM Data" by pressing the "Read" button I always see that what is written on my PIC are only "ff ff ff ff..." and infact the PIC does not blink my LED when I put it in the circuit...

I think there are some settings to do in the programmer like serial number, target etc, but frankly I don't know how ... can you help me???

Thank you in advance!!!