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Why the U2 programmer doesn't program my 16F84A ???

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  • Why the U2 programmer doesn't program my 16F84A ???

    Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and of the programming of PIC too...
    First of all sorry for my bad english...
    I have a problem using the programmer in object: I can't program my PIC mod.16F84A. Once I insert it in the ZIF adaptor, I select the HEX file and push the button "Program". At this point the programmer changes the light of its LED from green to red, and when the operation ended this back to green. Even the verification gives a positive result. Everything seems to have gone well, but when I press the "Read" button to read what is written on the chip, what I see are only "ff ff ff ff ..." written and infact when I put the PIC in the circuit that it does not work (does not blink a led).

    I think surely it will be necessary to first set somehow the programmer (Serial Number, Target etc) ... but frankly I do not know where to start

    Here below I list all my configuration:

    - MicroCode Studio v4.0.0.0
    - PicBasic PRO v2.60C
    - Assembler: Mpasmwin 520
    - Programmer SW: Programmer Melabs v.4.52 beta
    - Programmer HW: Melabs U2 / USB
    - Windows 8.1 Pro @ 64 bit

    Can you help me ???

    Thank you in advance!!

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    Any ideas??

    No one on the forum can help me? No one knows what should I do to configure the programmer (the software)?? This is the first time I use it and probably for this I have to set something... Every tab on "meProg - Memory" window on melabs Programmer Beta is empty...

    Neither a link where I can find documentation about how to learn to configure the software/programmer for the first time? Something of Step-by-Step?

    Thanks anyway.


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      Here's a video that matches version 2.60, which is similar to 2.50:

      If you don't receive an error message from the programmer, then it is doing what it's been asked to do. An option setting could be at fault, so you might try clicking Options > More Options > Set Options To Defaults. This will set all the programmer options to their original settings.

      If you are seeing FF for every location, you aren't looking at code space. Blank code space reads 3FFF in the 16F84A. Click the Code tab in the memory window.

      The programmer also has a verify function that compares the chip to the code in the programmer window.

      I suspect the problem is either the program code, the device configuration, or a hardware issue. You might start a new thread (only one) in the PBP 2.60 and earlier section of the forum. Listing the program code using tags helps. Put the text "CODE" and "/CODE" within square brackets to create a code section in your post.
      Charles Leo
      ME Labs, Inc.


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        First of all thank you for your answer!!

        The code of the HEX file (blink.hex) loaded into memory window occupies lines from 0000 to 0038. When I try to program the chip, the final assessment is positive (it gives me a positive answer about the matching between what is written in the "Code" tab and what is written on the chip (?) - this by using the "Verify" option), but everytime when I go to see what is written on the "EEPROM Data" tab by using the "Read" option I can see that there are, yes, the lines from 0000 to 0038 as those of the program code, but these contain only "ff ff ff ...".
        For information I report below what I see written inside the other tabs (after programming):

        - User ID: 0000- 3fff 3fff 3fff 3fff

        - Configuration: 0000- 3ffd

        - Device ID: 0000- 0560

        I want to also point out that I go setting the fuses, by option "C" in the software (not inside the program code), in this way:

        - Oscillator: XT

        - Watchdog Timer: Disabled

        - Power-up Timer: Enabled

        - Code Protect: Off

        Thank you again in advance!!!


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          One of us is confused, I think. If it's me, I beg your pardon.

          The program code is shown on the CODE tab. The EEPROM DATA tab never shows program code.

          The CODE tab shows the code in the hex file after you open the file in meProg. It shows the code in the chip after you read the chip.

          The only PBP commands that will affect the EEPROM Data are DATA, EEPROM, READ, and WRITE.
          Charles Leo
          ME Labs, Inc.