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Problems with variables changing

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  • Problems with variables changing

    I'm having problems with variable values changing on their own since the program size increased and I went with a chip with greater memory, 16F1823 to 16F1825. I can write a variable with a value to the display, pause a few seconds and write the same command to the display and the value has changed. This is happening at a few places in the program. I do get the 306 error when compiling but from what I read I shouldn't worry about it. It appears it is being overwritten somehow.

    Writing to the display is the only operation that happens between the two lines. I use an include library to do that and don't see any conflicts with variables. There hasn't been in the past. One thing I'm doing different is I'm declaring a couple word arrays out to 24 bytes.

    Need a place to start looking.

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    Found my problem. I reduced the size of a buffer in the include file and it appears that I have been overwriting the first few bytes.