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  • ME Labs Forum Frequently Asked Questions

    ME Labs Forum FAQs:

    1. Where should I post my question?
    Please take the time to look at the different posting topics and find the one that is most appropriate. A minute of your time before posting will help make it easier for others to find your post, answer your questions and engage in discussion. Moderators will occasionally move a post if they think it'll see more traffic in a different location. This is done to help make things easier for everyone.

    2. How do I post code so that it is readable for others?
    The best way to post code is to use the text editor. In the upper right corner click on the "A" and a text editing bar appears. Then highlight the code you want formatted. Then click on the "#" and it will format the code so it has its own scroll bar and is easy to read. Another method is to use html tags. Simply paste in the code between these two tags "code" in square brackets ([ ]) and /code (also in square brackets) and when it appears in the forum posting it will be properly formatted.

    3. What can I post and what is forbidden?
    Generally speaking, the forum exists as a means for those using ME Labs products to share with and learn from one another. Comments about your experience with a product and different applications are often helpful to others and are encouraged. We do not like to see blatant promotion of products/services and those posts may be flagged by a moderator. While it should go without saying, disrespectful or abusive comments will not be tolerated. Forums are community spaces and it is asked that you treat others with kindness and consideration regardless of their proficiency, experience or understanding.

    As grandma used to say: "If you can't say something nice or helpful to others, it is best not to say anything at all."

    4. My password is not working and/or What do I do if I've lost/forgotten my password or username?
    The most common reason that passwords don't work is that you are using the incorrect password. Remember that the ME Labs store/website login is completely separate from the forum login.

    Click on "Login or Sign-Up" on the upper right corner and you'll see a link, "Forgot password or user name" - it will take you to:
    Clicking on that will send you to a page that asks for your email with a Captcha verification. After you enter and "Send email" you'll need to go to your email box and find the email with a link to reset your password. If you do not see an email in your inbox, please check your spam box.

    5. I've clicked my email registration link, how long does it take before I am approved to post?
    After you click the link you've been emailed, we are required to approve each registration manually. We try to approve forum registrations the same day, but it can take several days before you are approved if registration occurs over the weekend. Our offices are closed on Friday and so if you register on Friday morning you may not be approved until Monday. The same would be true for holidays.

    6. Why can't I attach any files to my posting?
    It appears that Internet Explorer does not seem to work very well with the forum. We have found that Chrome or Firefox seem to work fine.
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    Steve C
    ME Labs, Inc.