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trying to use MPASM in PBP3, help?

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  • trying to use MPASM in PBP3, help?

    i'm trying to figure out how to set MPASM as the assembly language in PBP3. I have some code that i'm trying to compile, and i was told it will only work if it's compiled using MPASM. (instead of PM)

    i'm using microcode studio, and i've installed and run the mpasm-mplab setup. However, when i check the box in microcode studio to "use MPASMX Assembler" the code won't compile, and i get the error "unable to execute MPASMX."

    the help manual for microcode studio talks about the checkbox "use MPASMX Assembler" a little bit: "Uses MPASMX Assembler. If enabled, ueses the Microchip MPASM assembler. By default the compiler uses MPASMWin."
    However, i'm not sure if it means that without the box checked the compiler will use MPASMWin, and with the box checked it uses MPASMX?

    my understanding is that MPASMWin falls under the category of MPASMX, and that if i don't check the box, the compiler doesn't use MPASM, but instead uses PM. Is this correct?

    If so, what am i doing wrong, and what do i need to change in order to use MPASM as the assembler?

    sorry for the newbie questions, i'm (obviously) very new to this and have a lot to learn.

    thanks for the help!


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    The PM assembler has been retired, and PBP3 will never try to use it.

    MPASM is the assembler that comes with MPLAB. This is the assembler you should be using, and it's the default after installation.

    MPASMX is the assembler that comes with the new MPLABX which is still in beta.
    If you have MPLABX installed, you can check the "Use MPASMX" checkbox and it will use the beta version. If you don't have the beta installed, don't check the box.
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