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If you just have code that doesn't work but don't know why.
It is more likely to be a bug in your program instead of the compiler

Please don't post your entire program with a simple "It doesn't work".
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PBP3.1.1.04 Missing Files

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  • PBP3.1.1.04 Missing Files

    Playing with a PIC18F26K42, when I tried to compile I got a library of errors. The magic one was "Unable to find P18F26K42.INC". I had to go into MPLABX/V4.05 and copy the files for all of the K42s into PBP3.1/Temp. After that it compiled.
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    Update: If I choose PIC18F24K42 or 25K42 it compiles. I get errors with everything else, even though I don't get the "Unable to find...INC"
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      Make sure that PBP is calling MPASMX version 5.76. Earlier versions won't have the latest inc files.

      To choose the folder in which MPASMX resides, run the MPASM-MPLAB Setup utility from the PBP 3.1 program group.
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