Please Read this before posting a Bug Report

This forum is for reporting bugs in the PicBasic Pro compiler.
You will need to provide code and descriptions that clearly show the problem.

If you just have code that doesn't work but don't know why.
It is more likely to be a bug in your program instead of the compiler

Please don't post your entire program with a simple "It doesn't work".
Reduce it to the minimum amount of code required to show the problem.

Compiler bug reports get priority over anything else.
Be sure it's not in your program first.
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PBP3.1 and MPLAB X

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  • PBP3.1 and MPLAB X

    PBP3.1 does not work with MPLAB X ver 5.10. Charles Leo confirmed this to me. It works with version 5.05 so I had to go back a few versions.
    All good now with 5.05
    Charles has requested the Microchip look to see why it does not work with the latest release of MPLAB X IDE