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  • MCSPX install files

    I need to reinstall MCSPX.
    I purchased it together with PBP3 upgrade but I can't seem to find any physical media and nowhere to download the install package. Am I supposed to have a CD somewhere or are the install files available for download?


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    The installer for MCSPX is only a small utility that downloads the bulk of the software from Mecanique's server. If you have a PPB3 CD, you can find it on the disk. (DRIVE:\Mecanique\mcsp-si.exe)

    It is also placed in your PBP installation (C:\Program Files (x86)\PBP3\Mecanique\mcsp-si.exe) and can be found at the link:

    There are no physical materials associated with MCSPX, except for the PBP3 CD. If the computer you are installing on has no internet access, run the mcsp-si.exe file, enter you product key and click Register Offline. Copy the resulting information in an email to and I'll return install files that are matched to the computer and don't require internet.
    Charles Leo
    ME Labs, Inc.


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      Thank you Charles!
      I found the receipt for the PBP3 upgrade and it says Delivery: Download so I don't have any physical media for that but now I know where to find the downloader, thank you!

      While looking thru my records I found that I upgraded to PBP from PBC in 2000, then bought PBP upgrades 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2011.

      3.1 is way overdue ;-)