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  • Curiosity Board pkob

    the ipecmd command line utility can be use to program your curiosity board from mcs ide

    programmer filename ipecmd.exe
    command line -tSBURxxxxxxxxx -p$target-device$ -f$hex-filename$ -e -m

    where BURxxxxxxxxx is serial no of your curiosity pkob

    it works very nicely

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    Well. That's a handy bit of info.

    Somebody on another forum was gushing about the Microchip Xpress board.

    Hw was saying 'It does this. It does that."

    I'm sitting there thinking. You can only use it with MPLAB so why get excited?

    Do you think same thing can be done for Xpress board?


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      Originally posted by PICBasicUser View Post

      Do you think same thing can be done for Xpress board?

      I doubt it ,there is no mention of pkob in the blurb . its a different sort of animal and programmes itself .

      you would need to have pbp3.1 to compile code to hex file for it also.

      a quick read of the colour glossy brochure yields this

      Connect the MPLAB Xpress Evaluation Board to your PC with a
      Micro-USB cable. The MPLAB Xpress Evaluation Board will appear as
      a USB mass storage device or FLASH drive.
      Copy the generated .hex file to the root directory** of the MPLAB
      Xpress Evaluation Board’s FLASH drive.
      Note: The MPLAB Xpress Evaluation Board only recognizes files placed in the root directory.
      Perform a hard reset using the RESET button on the board.


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        revised command line
        command line -tSBURxxxxxxxxx -p$target-device$ -f$hex-filename$ -e -m -y -ol

        release reset and verify write