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Can't find MPASMX after apparent boo-boo

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  • Can't find MPASMX after apparent boo-boo

    I installed the new MPLAB X IDE suite (version 3.61) - and ran it once to initialize it - and now my Microcode studio can't find MPASMX.

    I also removed the old MPLAB suite (3.35?) from my PC.

    I probably aggravated the situation by running the MPASM-MPLAB setup file in PBP3, only to have my Norton anti-virus promptly delete the file.

    This is embarrassing ...

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    Try again, but first disable Norton temporarily.

    Shut down Microcode Studio, then run the MPASM-MPLAB Setup again. Select the MPASMX folder within the MPLABX 3.61 installation.

    If you get an error indicating that PBP can't execute MPASMWIN, change the assembler selection in Microcode to MPASMX.

    View > Compile and Program Options > Use MPASMX Assembler
    Charles Leo
    ME Labs, Inc.


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      Got it!

      Thx a bunch! Nailed it!

      Sorry for the trivial question, but I keep forgetting to disable Norton (which I like otherwise) for PBP etc applications.