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  • Results Box - Auto Close?

    Hi I'm new to PBP3 and find the Results box a bit annoying (I know, it's just a personal thing) but, if everything has passed; why do you have to close it manually.
    The bottom bar tells me that it had success and the word count. Why have the Results box stay open, unless it fails?

    Is there any command or option that will automatically close this box or not even open it, if everthing passes. My friend and I have not been able to find any if it exist.

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    PBP3 has the ability for users to "roll their own" messages and so all output from the compiler, including copyright, it displayed.


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      Thank you for your answer, but I am still a bit confused… the Help software said: If no errors are reported, the error results window is hidden and a compilation success message is displayed in the MicroCode Studio status bar. Yet, it still comes up with no errors and success in the status bar.

      I have MicroCode Plus V5.0.0.3 with Compiler Ver. PBPX using PICkit2 V2.61
      Device File V1.62.14

      Now I though MicroCode is nothing more than an Assembler which then (in my case) sends it to Microchip Compiler then to the programmer (Pickit2). If my thinking is correct then I take it, from what you say; the messages (or Result window) come from the compiler and not the MicroCode assembler software.

      If this is true, then what editor or file do I need to change so the Results window doesn’t open when no errors found? I am confused because I thought the Results window occurred after the Assembler completed and before the Compiler started.



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        I can understand your confusion. First, the help file is in error. The operation of the results window is as I described earlier. In short, all compiler output is directed to the results window - including user errors and melabs copyright.

        > Now I though MicroCode is nothing more than an Assembler

        No, it's an IDE.

        > ...window occurred after the Assembler completed and before the Compiler started.

        No, after compilation and assembly by PBP3.


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          PBP3 has the ability for users to "roll their own" messages and so all output from the compiler, including copyright, it displayed.
          David can you elaborate on this a bit more? how Can I "roll" my own message?
          Regards CharlieM

          Running PBP3 Gold


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            Check the manual, it's under


            for example,

            #IF __LONG__ = 0
            #ERROR "This program requires PBPL"


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              Hi again, I've been gone a few days, but wanted to thank you for your help so far.

              Yes, I've seen how to create messages in the help / manual.
              Yet, I have not seen on how to see or change the existing messages or comands for the Result box. In what file does this reside in and is there software to change these messages, commands.

              Appreciate your help.


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                As far as I am aware you cannot do that. The compiler error messages are built into the program itself.


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                  OK, I understand that.
                  Then can you tell me in what file and software do I go to; to find the "PICBASIC PRO(TM) Compiler, (c) 1998, 2012 microEngineering Labs, Inc. - All Rights Reserved" statement that is printed in the Results box; every time I Compile?
                  I am trying to keep the Results box from opening everytime I compile, when there are no errors OR have it close automatically after few seconds after opening.



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                    The copyright header and compiler-generated messages cannot be modified or suppressed. The text is hard-coded in the executable.
                    Charles Leo
                    ME Labs, Inc.


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                      I can understand the Designers protecting their copyrights.
                      So, If there are no errors and it compiled successfully; how do you keep the Results window from opening. I take it from the previous messages that the copy rights message originates from the compiler. How can I edit the compiler for this issue.

                      A friend & I are getting really frustated about having to close this window everytime we compile, with this newer version. I am writing a large program (so far 43K words) and it is vary irritating having this window stay open taking up space on our screens.

                      Sincerely interested,


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                        Still frustrated, lots of talk but no answers on Results Window auto Close!

                        Hi, my friend and I are frustrated and I'm sure there are a lot of others out there that would like this resolved, since the older PBP versions (before PBP3) didn't do this.

                        I understand that most likely a Micro needs to be written, so if there are no errors, the "Result Window" won''t open or it will close after assigned timeout.

                        The question is: What do we write in the Micro; to resolve the above issue?
                        We have gone back and forth but, nothing has answered on how to actually resolve the problem. Or, did I miss something... I admit, I'm not perfect.

                        Please help...


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                          The answer is:

                          No, you currently cannot hide the copyright message

                          I would be willing to change this if the following two conditions are met:

                          (a) melabs where happy for me not display their copyright message after a successful compile
                          (b) other users give me some feedback on the matter - in other words, is this a feature other users would like to see?


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                            I have no objection to hiding the copyright header, but my personal preference is to see all the compile results. This is also very helpful when doing technical support.

                            What if the results screen disappeared on any click or keystroke in the editor window? Would this be easier for you, David, than a timeout or parsing for errors? Your thoughts, Lyle?

                            Would we need a means to restore the window with a click somewhere? Would the behavior need a control box in Editor Options?
                            Charles Leo
                            ME Labs, Inc.


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                              To throw in the feedback I've received via phone and email:

                              Five or six users have expressed displeasure over the changed behavior, but felt it was a minor issue. A few (maybe those posting here) felt it a significant annoyance.

                              One user was on an older monitor with a smaller pixel dimension. For him, it was a very big deal because he couldn't ignore it. He had to close the compile results each time, in order to have a (somewhat) usable editor window. (This was the same user that prompted me to reduce the size of our activation manager window. The Activate button wasn't accessible on a 640x480 screen.)
                              Charles Leo
                              ME Labs, Inc.