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    In that case, what about an option that does not open the results window if only the "copyright..." and "all rights reserved" are present? Anything else (and I mean anything) that is present in the compiler output will display the results window. This includes a message that an ICD build has taken place.

    If this idea is acceptable, what should the default behaviour be? Display results with copyright or not.


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      PBP3 will always return messages for certain devices. For instance, any part that has SFRs in alternative memory space and parts that use an asm header that is separate from MPASM will always return a warning. (If I remember correctly, examples are 18F67J11 or 16F1783.)

      All PBPL compilation will notify that PBPL is in use.

      These messages are generated by code in the .PBPINC files using directives #MSG and #WARNING.

      I could add (in the next version) a compile-constant to silence such things with a -d command-line addition.
      Charles Leo
      ME Labs, Inc.


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        Personally, I think all warnings should be shown as it is critical information to the build. But that's just my personal opinion. Perhaps there is an argument for silencing MSG in some cases.

        At this point, I think it essential we both agree and implement a solution that doesn't lead to support problems If we can do that here, with some user feedback, then all should be well...


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          For what it's worth

          David John Baker,
          I TOTALLY agree with you: any time you have a warning or an error, you should see it in the Results Window.
          What I don't understand & my issue is; in PBP Version 2 the Results window does not open if there is NO warning or errors. It does show "Success" in the below Tab window.

          So, why did they make the Results Window open when there are no warnings or errors, then forcing you to close it manually in PBP3, It makes no sense?
          I can't believe that there were request from the people who bought PBP2 to have this added, I and my friends certainly didn't. It's un-necessary and annoying having to keep closing it.

          This just isn't my opinion, ALL my friends who also use PBP3 totally agree with me.
          Yet, I have to say that PBP3 is a good program and I can't see writing my programs in another software... just that this un-necessary success window does REALLY irritate my friends and I.
          For what my opinion is worth...


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            This change in behavior is related to changes that we made in PBP. Control of the assembly process was shifted from MicroCode to PBP. We also introduced the possibility of different levels of error/warning/notification messages.

            I vaguely remember David asking me (in early 2011) about the reports in the results window. I asked him to report all results on every compile. I think this decision was the origin of the behavior change.
            Charles Leo
            ME Labs, Inc.


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              Some good Ideas...

              Charles Leo,
              It’s interesting to hear how the origin of things get changed or created.
              I understand the issues of how different chips create different levels in the process.

              On the next PBP3 release or update, it would be nice to see some kind of change made to the results window dealing with no warnings or errors.
              I don’t think it really matters if; it never opened, opened then closed on any keystroke in the editors window (as you mentioned above) or timed out after a couple of seconds.
              The option to silence it with a command line in the Editing parameters would be an excellent idea and probably be the easiest for you.

              My friends & I actually tried to find an option there first, after getting PBP3 and finding this issue… it’s a natural place to look to resolve it.

              In any case, I hope to see a change in the next release / update.


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                Please make it work the same way it was on PBP2.6

                I'm sure Nobody wants to see Banner with trademarks and "all rights reserved" on payed version of software covering the work area, not only that, that results box fails to display some errors (i believe it does, I'll post this in other thread)


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                  What a Pain

                  Advando aka Lyle:

                  I'm with you what a pain! Working on some code today and that "Blessed" Result window pops up each and every time to let me know that I'm using "PICBASIC PRO Compiler (c) 2012 nicroEngineering Labs Inc"

                  I already know this, I purchased the rights to use the software. I know it belongs to melabs. I don't need to be reminded each and every time I compile my code!

                  I thought, hey I can drag that pop up window that eats up 1/4 of the bottom of my screen down and out of the way. That doesn't work, because now I can't see when I do have an error or warning!

                  Why on Gods green earth did they add this pop up window each and every time I compile my code? Now if I have a warning or an error, pop up and let me know.

                  Today the thought crossed my mind, maybe I should go back to PBP 2.50, It doesn't pop up to let me know melabs owns the copy write to the software that I'm using!

                  The only thing that stopped me is 2.50 didn't support the chip I',m currently using.

                  BTW does melabs own the copy write for PBP3?



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                    Originally posted by RDavid60 View Post
                    ... that "Blessed" Result window pops up each and every time to let me know that I'm using "PICBASIC PRO Compiler (c) 2012 nicroEngineering Labs Inc"

                    I already know this, I purchased the rights to use the software. I know it belongs to melabs. I don't need to be reminded each and every time I compile my code! ...

                    Why on Gods green earth did they add this pop up window each and every time I compile my code? ...
                    Prior to having the results window show the version of PBP being used, about 80% of the people contacting melabs support had no idea what they were using to compile their programs.

                    Typically, the first thing they would say is "I'm using your MicroCode Studio, and it's giving me errors".

                    Not only didn't they know what version they were using, but they didn't even know it's called PicBasic Pro. Terms like PIC Code Pro or MicroCode Basic were often used.

                    This is a nightmare for Tech Support!
                    Usually, you need to know the compiler version to be able to troubleshoot any problems, and when the customer doesn't know, you're stuck playing 20 questions.

                    Since the compiler version is now being displayed in the results window, EVERYONE with PBP3 knows what compiler they are using, and the exact version they have.
                    It's amazing!

                    Yes, you can go to Help > About and find the compiler version, but that's always been there and it never worked before. Since it shows the Microcode Studio version first, everyone thinks that's what they are using.

                    Think back to when you ordered your upgrade to PBP3...
                    Did you know what version you had previously?
                    Or did you have to go look it up to figure out if you needed to pay the extra $25?

                    Obviously, there is no doubt now.

                    As one of the people that answers the tech support phone calls and emails ... I like it.

                    With that said, ... David Barker and Charles Leo have already talked about making changes to the results window.

                    [If] the results window version is to go the way of the dinosaur (much like your monitors that are too small to display it),
                    I requested that the entire compiler and version number be displayed in the Title Bar.

                    That of course leaves less room to display the full file path on dinky little monitors,
                    (assumming you've turned the full path on in the editor options).
                    PBP3 Manual : Microchip Datasheets - 10F, 12F, 16F, 18F
                    Never download a PIC datasheet from anywhere but


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                      excuse me? dinky little monitors?

                      I use 27" 1920x1080 as main and 2 more 23" 1920x1080 each on this PC for my work and that box appearing with no reason, is on my nerves.(PBP3.0.6.4 MCSP
                      And by the way, wheather it's normal or a bug, The result box:
                      no longer displayes "value truncated" (numeric overflow...ect) in PBPL
                      TestV VAR LONG ' ( or TestV VAR BYTE or TestV VAR WORD )
                      no more "out of memory" warnings (you've explayned some PIC18 series have ability to use external memory, i don't know how to use external memory with or without any Melabs software). But fine, i dont care about this.
                      AND speaking of "dinosaurs", it's sinse their era "HELP>>about" displayes all necessary "abouts", and how the person knows how to deal with MCSP, PBP, meprog, Microchip datasheet, any schematic designer, or even Assembly lenguage(if he does) and doesn't know what is "HELP" and "ABOUT", good luck to him.

                      I have upgraded PBP 6 times (if i remember correctly) IT ALWAYS WAS GREAT AND IS GREAT, but that results box should not be there when nothing to display and should autohide after I correct my mistake in the code. just the way it was in PBP2.6.

                      Thank You for : "requested thet the entire compiler and version number be displayed in the Title Bar". as long as it will not make the title bar or anything else taller, it's a great idea.
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                        Results Box can be managed now

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	AboutMCSP.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	18.1 KB
ID:	5196I reinstalled my system (Windows 7) and then installed MCSP and PBP about 2 weeks ago.
                        I noticed that the results box no longer appears in MCSP if:
                        --- compiler LONG Words are not in use, or
                        --- while using compiler LONG Words I have disabled
                        ;#MSG "LONG Variables enabled (PBPL used)" with ";" sign
                        in PBP3/DEVICES/PIC18Fxxxx.PBPINC file for each Device.
                        So, what ever was done or undone in MCSP or PBP3, THANK YOU.


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                          Agree with Lyle Bain

                          June 6, 2014

                          Dear Charles Leo,

                          I agree with Lyle Bain. Having to close the automatic opening of the "Results" window when it says nothing is an unnecessary frustration. Has there been an update I can download to inhibit this window from unnecessarily opening? Thank you.

                          A very long term microEngineering user, John Hayes

                          PS: Lyle posted a very concise well written question. The responses were very poorly written; it took Lyle far too many tries before microEngineering answered this simple question.