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MCS compile on Win 8.1

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  • MCS compile on Win 8.1

    Downloaded the full install and ran it on a new laptop 64 bit Win 8.1 Short "hello world" program and try to compile it says "searching for picbasic folder, please wait"
    What is it looking for?

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    Make sure you have rebooted after installation.

    With PBP3, Microcode Studio doesn't need to search for PBP since a registry entry is made during installation that tells it where PBP is.

    Make sure you are using the correct version of Microcode Studio by going to Help > About.
    It should be version 5.0.0.x.

    If it's an earlier version, go to the Start Menu and find Microcode Studio (MCSX).
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      Downloaded and installed version MCS and did the activation window. Now it says it can't compile source directory is read only. That is the D drive, everyone has full access. I'm a system admin on the computer anyway. 64 bit system, with PBP 3.0 and I can see the drive, copy files in and out. I haven't found any sample programs on the disk so I don't know if anything like that compiles but I did just a very basic hello world and it won't compile either. Didn't try any command prompts so I don't know if those would work either.


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        oh yeah, one more thing

        If I create a file in MCS it saves just fine to the d drive directory.