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Can't seem to get a port to go high

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  • Can't seem to get a port to go high

    Currently I'm making an alarm clock, and I've managed to get everything to work except one thing: getting a port to go high to turn on an LED/buzzer/whatever.

    Truth be told I'm new to MCS, but as far as I can tell there shouldn't be any reason why the command, "portb.7 = 1" or "portb.7 = 0:" shouldn't turn that port high or low. Currently whenever my Pickit2 is plugged in the voltage stays low (less than 1VDC) but whenever the Pickit is unplugged the voltage hits ~5VDC and slowly climbs (over the course of typing this, about 5 minutes, the voltage got up to 7.5VDC).

    If I use a program to test the chip I'm using (the 16F88) I can control its ports just fine, it's just that with my clock program I can't control any ports.

    Is there something simple I'm missing or is this not gonna work?

    I currently can't unload attatchments as I just joined, but as soon as I can I'll upload my pbp file. For now though, any ideas on what's going on?