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Auto Program from Microcode Studio wit MElab programmer

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  • Auto Program from Microcode Studio wit MElab programmer

    Hi I am using PBP 3.0.9 MCS plus version with an u2 programmer on Windows 7.

    If I remember correctly you could launch the programmer from the IDE and it would program the chip - no more intervention needed.

    I went through the help files and found one should add ' [Alt+P,P] ' and the command should end up like this - $hex-filename$ -$target-device$ [Alt+P,P]

    Any how no luck , I tried [ctrl + P] and several other combinations - Still No Joy !

    Any suggestions


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    The command-line options for meProg can be found in its help file. The interface can be made to act in a variety of ways.

    For a simple auto-program that leaves the meProg GUI in view, just add "/p" to the parameters.

    For a more automated, faster, progress-bar-only operation, use:

    /s /n /e /p /a /DPIC$target-device$ $long-hex-filename$

    I have created two different MCSX programmer entries that point to the same meProg executable, but have different parameters. This allows me to easily select the behavior from the MCSX dropdown (small down-arrow on the right end of the Compile Program button). While it's faster to use the non-GUI interface, I often need to access the GUI for troubleshooting or changing options.
    Charles Leo
    ME Labs, Inc.


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      Leo , Thank you very much.

      greatly appreciated