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ICD Serial Poet Connections

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  • ICD Serial Poet Connections

    I am using MCS with U2 programmer and 16F1937 chip, all working fine. I want to add connections from the chip (RC6, RC7) to the computer serial port for ICD. Somewhere on the ME labs website or forum I saw the connection schematics and associated discussion but cant find them now. Can someone please point me to them? I haven't used RS232 serial for years but I appear to have no choice as its how ICD is implemented. Thanks

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    Hi Peter,
    Seems like the links to Mecanique (the authors of MicroCodeStudio) regarding the ICD are dead. But if you launch the Help in MCS and search for ICD you'll find a ton of information. The hardware setup shows up at the top of the list here.

    For the 16F1937 you will need the PLUS version of MicroCodeStudio and I'm pretty sure you're going to have to use the ICD model creator (View->ICD Model Creator) to create the needed ICD support files.