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  • 18FxxK42

    With the new 3.1 version coming, are there any plans for supporting the K42 series? I just stumbled across it due to a post on the EEVBlog forum and man, does it look like the holy grail of 8bit PICs or what? ALL the standard peripherals on top of a 12bit ADC2 (you know the one with computation module for automatic filtering etc) and, wait for it... DMA(!). (I soo wish it had the PCPWM and QEI too but unfortunately it doesn't).

    It also has vectored interrupts and two levels of context saving but I suspect this will make it 100% incompatible with DT-INTS which tones down my excitment a notch.

    I haven't looked that close at the datasheet yet, not sure I want to in case it's NOT getting implemented in PBP :-)


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    We're looking into it. I don't yet have a clear idea what it will require.
    Charles Leo
    ME Labs, Inc.


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      Heck, we're not quite finished mastering the K40 and already MicroChip releases the K42. Looks like rapid-fire new releases. I did notice they intend to provide a family of K42 processors ranging from 28 to 48 pins; nothing larger listed. In the K40, the larger (18F67K40 for example) featured more timers, more this, more that, than the smaller kindred. It's a good time to be playing with the PIC!


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        Charles, are there any thoughts integrating DT-INTS or a similar way, to the PBP compiler?

        ON INTERRUPT is not enough for most serious applications.



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          Yes, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I'm also uncertain that I can support it, at least with my current support model. There just aren't enough hours in the day.

          Here's the situation. At the lowest level, I can include the DT-int files in the PBP installation and leave it at that. That's easy for me, but the only benefit for you is that you don't have to hunt down the latest files.

          The next step is to invent a system for naming interrupts and defining enable/flag bits for each device in the pbpinc files and listing labels in the .info files. I think this is feasible, but it wouldn't change the way you implement DT-ints. I would need some help from DT-ints power-users to get it done. I like this approach, but I worry that it increases my labor for adding new devices in the future. It's a commitment that I will maintain DT-ints for all parts until PBP's end of life, regardless of how Microchip changes things up. My support concerns increase.

          The top level is full integration with new directives/commands in pbpx.exe, the mac and lib files, along with what I described above. This becomes a question of funding in addition to my concerns above. I don't see this happening any time soon, but things could change if we get a tremendous response to the 3.1 release. I'm unsure of the form this would take - what the commands and directives should look like.

          I had planned to take a look at putting some hooks in the pbpinc files in 3.1, but it would delay the release. I have yet open a datasheet for the K42. The 16F18xxx and 16F19xxx require the same sort of library changes that I did for the K40, only the existing libraries aren't as accommodating as the original PIC18 code was. This situation is the same as for the 10F3xx, which I was also hoping to take another look at. So, as always, I'm overwhelmed. I've arranged some help with 16F1 libraries to speed things up so we get to a 3.1 release sooner.

          In summary, yes - I would like to integrate DT-ints, but I don't quite know how I'll fit it into my work load.

          I'll keep pushing and I still love my job!
          Charles Leo
          ME Labs, Inc.


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            Thanks Charles for the detailed reply.

            Asking a one line question does not mean I don't understand what efforts are needed behind the scenes.

            Maybe putting 14 and 18 at the same time is too much work to do. Choosing one Interrupt system, see how it goes, then include the other is easier?

            Thank you anyway. We love your job too!



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              I have yet open a datasheet for the K42
              You probably don't want to, either!

              Things are significantly different for that family. There's a new asm MOVFFL instruction for accessing ram memory past the 4K boundary, and you need to use it to get to the SFR registers.