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I wish PBP3 ran on max os x

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  • I wish PBP3 ran on max os x

    Add me to the list of those who wish PBP3 ran on the mac.
    Or start a list.
    I noticed that all the MPLAB stuff is now available for mac os x.

    Thanks for letting me post here.

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    I run PBP3.1 on a MAC, I just use a Virtual Box loaded with Windows 10. MPLABX now runs on MAC. I do a little PC programming using Visual Studio 2015, which is the software used to create PBP3.1. I don't think there is much MAC support with that Windows based programming software (but I don't know too awful much about the suite, just Visual Basic mostly).

    I suppose given a choice of ongoing support for new chips (like the new K42) or a MAC version of the software, I'll take the chip support. Charles does most of the development work himself. Plus he answers the phones when we call.
    We can crack this cotton PIC'n thang!