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PIC 16F877 and PIC 16F887

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  • PIC 16F877 and PIC 16F887

    Anybody know why the '877 is $6 and the '887 is $2?

    My guess is the '877 came out awhile before the '887 and was more of an advancement at that time.

    Seeing if it is worthwhile to get a '877 at all.

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    I think they found some of them in the pyramid void just discovered last week

    why not try something from this century
    where you can use pps and clc modules and the rest of the advanced features for the same price or even less.
    if you are going to learn about pic and pbp3 programming ,you might as well make it revelent
    get a d-stick at least


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      Richard Thx!

      Well. It's going to be none of the above.

      It will be PIC 16F886.

      We have two of them from some project.

      Have one '877 but it's spoken for. Don't want to burn it up.

      Okay. Will compile program with 16F886 asap.


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        PICBasicUser, as I recall you don't live in the US, EU, or any place with a convenient mail system. I seem to remember you mentioning that to buy an inexpensive $2 PIC (US price) would cost you 10 times that much between import duties and shipping. Is that why you REALLY want to use these older MCUs?
        We can crack this cotton PIC'n thang!