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Unable to compile 16F19176

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  • Unable to compile 16F19176

    I am unable to compile the 16F19176. I am getting about three pages of ASM warnings and errors after calling for a compile only. At first I thought PB3 wasn't pathed correctly to MPASMX. I don't believe this is the case since all other programs are working. I have the latest version of PB3, MCSX, MPLAB-IDE. I did find the chip listed in the MPASMX folder and in the MCSX. I made sure each time that I did call the correct controller. I did take a screen shot of some of the 90 ASM errors and can post if necessary. Has anyone run into this in some form or another and have a solution?

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    I just tested to be sure. A simple program compiles successfully for the 16F19176.

    Either post your errors or send them to [email protected]. It's usually the first error listed that is informative.
    Charles Leo
    ME Labs, Inc.