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Microcode Studio unable to connect to the PIC when trying to run ICD mode

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  • barjammar
    Here is a pdf with some images and step by step to avoid the serial "none" problem for running the ICD.
    Barry Marshall
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  • barjammar
    Ok. I tried it (30th January). I have a serial cable (COMSOL USB working properly at com4). The message error shown above has me stumped! What is the "MAIN ICD TOOLBAR" I can't find it so I cant set a port correctly. The only drop down selection box has "none" inside it. Maybe there is a step by step with images somewhere?

    In brief, serial cable must connect first before starting software or other hardware,

    Microcode Studio unable to connect to the PIC when trying to run ICD mode Issue where LabX1 cannot give the ICD programmer a serial connection.
    If the serial rS232 connection is connected first then the software PDP3 is opened, it will normally show the connected port number (com4 in my system). After that the U2 the board can be powered up with the U2 connected and attached to the PC USB port last. Now the system is functional.
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  • Charles Leo
    If you're using the LABX1, you'll need a serial-port connection to the 9-pin serial port on the board for ICD. On the computer side, you can connect to a native serial port or a USB-to-serial converter.

    I don't think reinstalling will help. You'll need to establish serial com to the board.

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  • Microcode Studio unable to connect to the PIC when trying to run ICD mode

    Hi I am stuck with this error. I wrote to support as below. I'd be grateful if someone could tell me what setting is out of Whack. I might totally uninstall and reinstall if I get time.
    I am able to run the programmer and load a working program in normal mode. I bought the DEVBUN-RQP pack a few months back.
    The problem is I get a serial error when I try to run the ICD.

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