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PIC 16F628A and HPWM implementation

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  • abecker
    Sorry about all the redundant images, I thought I was successfully removing the ones that were too large.

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  • abecker
    started a topic PIC 16F628A and HPWM implementation

    PIC 16F628A and HPWM implementation

    I am prototyping a controller based on a PIC16F628A to use as a programmable throttle for a brushed DC motor. The PIC will provide controlled rpm changes using the HPWM command. The PWM output will be sent to a Pololu 18v17 motor controller to handle the current requirements. The theory is to provide the 18v17 with a constant DC voltage and control the motor speed with varying pulses.

    I have looked at the sample program on the MEL website and it appears to accomplish the task without the use of the HPWM command. I also studyed the 16F628A part document and see the computations and all the registers that have to be manipulated. Frankly it does look intimidating and I'm not a newbie when it comes to data sheets.

    I am really interested in using the HPWM command if it takes care of a lot of the computations in the background. I will probably use a 4Mhz or 8Mhz oscillator for chip clock. So what I really need to know initially is what register settings I will need to set in the code to make HPWM work. I was hoping to find an example on the forum for a PIC with similar architecture. I didn't see a "search" function though on this new interface so I have to post this message.

    In the PBP manual I did see a paragraph which leaves me a bit confused. The text I have highlighted in yellow is was has me wondering. Is this text meaning to just deliberately refer to the PIC17C7xxx devices or is it something meant to include other devices such as mine?

    Click image for larger version

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    In addition if someone could point me to a posting or example which successfully makes use of HPWM on the PIC 16 devices it would help with my learning curve on this project.
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