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  • Hex File Location

    Where is the directory where the hex files end up?


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    It's possible that there's a command line "switch" to specify a directory but in my experience it
    always ends up in same directory as the source file you're compiling.



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      Thank you Henrick

      Where is the directory for the source file?

      Student/Experimenter's compiler.

      Using Windows 8.1 File Explorer.


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        Program needs to run on MELABS X4 14 pin demo board.

        What PIC does that need? 12F683 doesn't seem right.

        Programming with MPLAB IPE and PICKit 3.


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          Where is the directory for the source file?
          The source file is the program you're writing and saving onto your harddrive, I can't possibly say where on your computer you're saving that file. If you actually don't know then search your computer for the file(s).

          Program needs to run on MELABS X4 14 pin demo board
          What PIC does that need?
          That board is compatible with like 40 different devices. The experimenter version of the compiler, however, only supports two of those devices so you need to have either a 12F683 or a 16F688 fitted to the board. Then you obviously compile for the device you're using.


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            Thank you


            PICBASIC stores all files in Documents/Mecanique/MCSX.

            Had to turn on 'All Files' to see .HEX

            12F683 works because it's a serial LCD on X4.Probably a Seetron.

            LCD program in Samples is for regular LCD and PIC with Ports.

            Looks like Expreeimenter's and Chuck Hellebuyck use the same directory to store files.

            Board and compilers get 5 stars.Real nice.