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Choosing a PIC for PBP3

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  • Choosing a PIC for PBP3

    Having a hard time using Microchips parameter search for my needs. Looking for an XLP processor with real time clock, need 13 I/O, 8-bit, included in PBP3's compiling list.
    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    As a guide, I would stay away from ancient PIC chips. When you look at the data sheet, there is a copyright date at the bottom of each page. I try to stay with at least 2012 and new versions. Your XLP requirement pretty much mandates that (older PICs didn't have XLP).

    It sounds like you need a 20 pin PIC, which puts you in the PIC16F category. You didn't mention whether you are using the Student version of PBP with a limited list of PICs, or the Pro version which covers most of the PICs offered. Also missing from your request is peripherals needed. How many timers do you need? Do you need 10-bit or 12-bit Analog resolution? If doing motor control, you probably need some half-decent PWM controls. If 10 folks respond, you will get 10 different answers. If you could be a bit more specific, you'll get a much better help.
    We can crack this cotton PIC'n thang!


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      No A/D. 10 digital outs 2 SCA and SDA. Of course wanting an XLP I want a newer PIC. No timers, no motor control (LEDs only) but a RT clock would be nice but can use an external (have allocated 2 pins for I2C in case). Using Pro version PBP3.


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        The 16F19155/56 is supported, has RTC and looks pretty schmick overall. It is a 28pin device though, more than you need but I can't find one with less than 28pins AND RTC. If you're going for external RTC then there's dozens or more.


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          Yeah Henrik, a bit over kill but it might make sense price wise considering an external RTC is going to cost $. So without the RTC can you give me a few suggestions?


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            Well, excluding the RTC your only requirments are XLP and 13 I/Os minimum. If 28pins are overkill then then what's left are the 20pin devices. Without further requirements (memory etc) here are a couple:
            16F1508, 16F1459, 16F1578, 16F1768, 16F18344, or if you want to go with an 18F series device the PIC18F13K50. All supported in PBP3 and these are all "new" devices so I'd expect them to "be" XLP though I have not checked all of them.

            Really, if you don't need/want internal RTC then you can pretty much pick any PIC that's supported by PBP3.


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              Thanks Henrik. I'll go over all the data sheets on them.