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  • Charles Leo
    When placed within a #CONFIG/#ENDCONFIG block, "__CONFIG" and "CONFIG" are directives that are passed to the MPASMX assembler. You can look them up in the MPLABX help:

    Help > Help Contents, then:
    MPASMX Toolsuite/MPASM Assembler/Directives/__config - Set Processor Configuration Bits
    MPASMX Toolsuite/MPASM Assembler/Directives/config - Set Processor Configuration Bits (PIC18 MCUs)

    PBP's #CONFIG/#ENDCONFIG is the same as ASM/ENDASM, except that #CONFIG always relocates the enclosed code to a specific location in the asm files. Whenever PBP encounters a #CONFIG block, it replaces all previous config directives. The result is that only the last #CONFIG block encountered in the program code will affect the assembly.

    __CONFIG is intended to be used only once per config word. In other words, use the & operators and list the parameter definitions on one line, as in your first example. There are some tricks to make it appear as a vertical list, but this is the simplest, safest format:
          __config _INTRC_OSC_NOCLKOUT & _WDT_ON & _MCLRE_ON & _IOSCFS_4MHZ & _CP_OFF

    CONFIG works differently and only works for PIC18 devices. It can be used repeatedly, once for each parameter definition. Hence the vertical-list format:
        CONFIG FEXTOSC = OFF     ;Oscillator not enabled
        CONFIG RSTOSC = HFINTOSC_64MHZ     ;HFINTOSC with HFFRQ = 64 MHz and CDIV = 1:1
        CONFIG CLKOUTEN = OFF     ;CLKOUT function is disabled
        CONFIG CSWEN = ON     ;Writing to NOSC and NDIV is allowed
        CONFIG FCMEN = ON     ;Fail-Safe Clock Monitor enabled
        CONFIG MCLRE = EXTMCLR     ;If LVP = 0, MCLR pin is MCLR; If LVP = 1, RE3 pin function is MCLR
        CONFIG PWRTE = ON     ;Power up timer enabled
        CONFIG LPBOREN = OFF     ;ULPBOR disabled
        CONFIG BOREN = ON     ;Brown-out Reset enabled according to SBOREN
        CONFIG BORV = VBOR_245     ;Brown-out Reset Voltage (VBOR) set to 2.45V
        CONFIG ZCD = OFF     ;ZCD disabled. ZCD can be enabled by setting the ZCDSEN bit of ZCDCON
        CONFIG PPS1WAY = OFF     ;PPSLOCK bit can be set and cleared repeatedly (subject to the unlock sequence)
        CONFIG STVREN = ON     ;Stack full/underflow will cause Reset
        CONFIG DEBUG = OFF     ;Background debugger disabled
        CONFIG XINST = OFF     ;Extended Instruction Set and Indexed Addressing Mode disabled
        CONFIG WDTCPS = WDTCPS_31     ;Divider ratio 1:65536; software control of WDTPS
        CONFIG WDTE = ON     ;WDT enabled regardless of sleep
        CONFIG WDTCWS = WDTCWS_7     ;window always open (100%); software control; keyed access not required
        CONFIG WDTCCS = LFINTOSC     ;WDT reference clock is the 31.0 kHz LFINTOSC
        CONFIG WRT0 = OFF     ;Block 0 (000800-003FFFh) not write-protected
        CONFIG WRT1 = OFF     ;Block 1 (004000-007FFFh) not write-protected
        CONFIG WRT2 = OFF     ;Block 2 (008000-00BFFFh) not write-protected
        CONFIG WRT3 = OFF     ;Block 3 (00C000-00FFFFh) not write-protected
        CONFIG WRT4 = OFF     ;Block 4 (010000-013FFFh) not write-protected
        CONFIG WRT5 = OFF     ;Block 5 (014000-017FFFh) not write-protected
        CONFIG WRT6 = OFF     ;Block 6 (018000-01BFFFh) not write-protected
        CONFIG WRT7 = OFF     ;Block 7 (01C000-01FFFFh) not write-protected
        CONFIG WRTC = OFF     ;Configuration registers (300000-30000Bh) not write-protected
        CONFIG WRTB = OFF     ;Boot Block (000000-0007FFh) not write-protected
        CONFIG WRTD = OFF     ;Data EEPROM not write-protected
        CONFIG SCANE = ON     ;Scanner module is available for use, SCANMD bit can control the module
        CONFIG LVP = ON     ;Low voltage programming enabled. MCLR/VPP pin function is MCLR. MCLRE configuration bit is ignored
        CONFIG CP = ON    
        CONFIG CPD = OFF     ;DataNVM code protection disabled
        CONFIG EBTR0 = OFF     ;Block 0 (000800-003FFFh) not protected from table reads executed in other blocks
        CONFIG EBTR1 = OFF     ;Block 1 (004000-007FFFh) not protected from table reads executed in other blocks
        CONFIG EBTR2 = OFF     ;Block 2 (008000-00BFFFh) not protected from table reads executed in other blocks
        CONFIG EBTR3 = OFF     ;Block 3 (00C000-00FFFFh) not protected from table reads executed in other blocks
        CONFIG EBTR4 = OFF     ;Block 4 (010000-013FFFh) not protected from table reads executed in other blocks
        CONFIG EBTR5 = OFF     ;Block 5 (014000-017FFFh) not protected from table reads executed in other blocks
        CONFIG EBTR6 = OFF     ;Block 6 (018000-01BFFFh) not protected from table reads executed in other blocks
        CONFIG EBTR7 = OFF     ;Block 7 (01C000-01FFFFh) not protected from table reads executed in other blocks
        CONFIG EBTRB = OFF     ;Boot Block (000000-0007FFh) not protected from table reads executed in other blocks

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  • mpgmike
    When you open the Device in the DEVICE_REFERENCE file in the PBP3_1 folder, it is formatted correctly for that device. I just copy/paste the default CONFIGs from the document, then go through and change and add (not all options are listed in the "default" CONFIG example) as needed. I find most of the PIC12_16F devices use the horizontal listing, while the PIC18F devices seem to favor the vertical arrangement. Again, this is from copying from the included PBP file.

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  • jweir43
    I'm not sure if that is a yes or a no. Now i understand that once I write the #CONFIG routine it is only executed once, so it matters little to the program itself.

    But is the second way of writing the CONFIG routine equivalent to making a single line of it, and do I need the _config line in each of the lines. I'm thinking that the semicolon just connects the lines in series, so I ought to be able to just use the & connector. Yes? No?


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  • mpgmike
    The CONFIG registers only have 8 bits each. How you write the code doesn't affect those 8-bit registers. Furthermore, the CONFIG settings are only used one time, when you program the PIC. It is not part of active code in operation. Each CONFIG register will require its own section, regardless of how you write it on your screen. Most of the more modern PICs have 2 or more CONFIG Registers; CONFIG1, CONFIG2, and so forth.

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  • jweir43
    started a topic Bonehead Part IV

    Bonehead Part IV

    Got the info on config files for 3.1.1. Quick Question are there any operational (the way the code works) or constraints (the amount of memory, time, compilation, or size) differences between these two ways of doing the config files? The reason I ask this is that it is a lot easier for me to annotate and understand these commands and edit them in Method #2.

    Also, does each line need its own __config command or can I simply do the & to replace them all except the first one?



    Method #1:


    Method #2

    ; __config _INTRC_OSC_NOCLKOUT
    ; __config _WDT_ON
    ; __config _MCLRE_ON
    ; __config _IOSCFS_4MHZ
    ; __config _CP_OFF