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dos directory / file chrs limit

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  • dos directory / file chrs limit

    Hi charles, hope you had a great xmas

    i am sure this has been stated some where , but ran into a problem , where it bails on a compile with dos error - file not found error

    after a lot of playing about , found that mac file could not be found during a compile -
    using MPASM

    the problem appears to be the total chr length of the sub- directory names + name of the file created = > 204,
    appears too long for MASM to process , and a dos - file not found error results

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    I've run into similar limitations with other aspects of MPASM before, but 204 characters seems especially restrictive for modern systems. Did you test a recent MPASMX version?
    Charles Leo
    ME Labs, Inc.


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      5.62 seems to be found by the system atm , i need to use 3.08 pbp for these compiles for the speed , ill take look if a higher version is there


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        installed MPLAB-X 5.30 - has MPASMX AT 5.86

        problem still seen with file name + directory chr> 200 - compiler error , cant create mac file