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    Charles has a day job now, and it isn't PBP. ME Labs was sold to another outfit a few years ago. Part of the deal was that the new company would allow Charles to support PBP. He made promises to us he had every intention of keeping. (He is a most honorable man, I have come to learn.)

    Lately Microchip has been changing things nobody could have predicted; things like MPLABX going 64-bit only, killing MPASM, new peripherals that...well, how do you create a command code to use DMA, CLC, 16-bit PWM, or the advanced enhancements added to ADC2 & even Timer2 HLT?!? Then there is the totally new silicon footprint of the newer PICs; the PIC18FQxx being the biggest departure from traditional hardware architecture. It would be possible to keep up with the newer PIC16Fxxxxx chips with PBP, but a total make-over will be required to get PBP as functional on the newest PIC18F offerings as it was on the PIC18Fxxxx chips of a decade+ ago.

    Knowing PBP is a side-job and not the bread winner for Charles, I took the initiative to learn how to use the MPLABX IDE and XC8. PBP is still great for the hobbyist, but I don't feel it is still the best option for a professional (like me) to bank the future on.
    We can crack this cotton PIC'n thang!


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      Although it seemed a bit abandoned I would not accept it... Too sad...

      For all who want to stay in Basic language there is still Proton Basic and MikroE regarding commercial products or Great Cow Basic for free one.

      For the daring ones,as Mike posted, XC8 is the next level. I guess not for me...


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        Or Swordfish (if you don't mind sticking with the PIC18F series)
        That one's being kept up to date with new devices.


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          Yeah, I forgot that. Seems updated with recent PICs. Nice!


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            thank you all for the answers I search for and found what I need! and I solved my problem!
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              Any chance let us know how?