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How to read and write the User ID area

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  • How to read and write the User ID area


    I’m running PBPX and MicroCode Studio version, and I’m using PIC12LF1572, PIC16LF1613, and PIC16LF1704. I'm using the MPLAB PM3 programmer with its ver 5.30 IPE.

    I'd like to use the User ID area, the 4 words reserved for a serial number or something similar, for codes that configure the operation of my finished products. I went looking through the PBP manual and didn't find any info. On the forums I didn't find anything that seemed to apply.I see that the PM3 advanced mode has a way to enter the config bits, but I'm not sure if that's how it's typically done
    or if the code itself is supposed to write them.

    Can anyone point me to info on how to write to, and read from, that area through PBP?

    Any suggestions appreciated,


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    P.S. I found the __IDLOCS command to the assembler, but weirdly it only lets you set the lower 4 bits of each location. I tried it to be sure.


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      I'll use the PIC16F1704 as the example. In the data sheet, Section 10 covers accessing Flash Memory. Section 10.4 specifically covers accessing Device and User ID addresses. Example 10.4 gives ASM code to access these areas. You should also read Section 10.2.1; in fact, read through the whole Section 10.

      Although it would be nice to have a convenient PBP command to do this, there is none. You are pretty much left with the ASM instructions in the data sheets.
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        Thanks. I have read all that stuff, I was just hoping that PBP had some convenient support for it. Oh well.