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No debug capability in MicroCode Studio

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  • No debug capability in MicroCode Studio

    I am running MicroCode Studio on a Win 10 system. I can compile and program the PIC okay but all ICD and debug options are grayed out. How can I enable them?

    I'm using PBP3 for the compiler

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    Which device are you compiling for?
    You need to select a device for which a ICD header file exists. If a file doesn't exist for the device you want to use you should be able to create one with View -> ICD Model creator. I've never tried it.



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      Yes, I think that might be it. Also I realized that I need some kind of ICD HW/SW.

      I am having trouble understanding what's required in HW/SW for what I want to do.

      I have PBP3 SW that I bought a couple years ago.
      I have 2 different pic programmers that both work for all the devices I am interested in.

      I am not sure yet what ICD HW/SW is needed to Debug various 8-bit pics. I am interested in the very versatile 12F683 and the 12f752 at the moment.


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        mcs only supports


        for icd

        msc plus supports more ,but the chip must have a hw usart module for icd.

        there is more info in the mcs help menu->help topics-> in circuit debugger
        including a circuit of a icd interface


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          I might add that I have had very little success using icd .none of my pc's have a real serial port ,so I have to use a usb - rs232 adapter . these adapters have not been particularly good for icd work and always seem to either lock up or refuse to even start an icd session . I have abandoned the concept entirely
          I though I had it solved but alas not , this may help


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            if PBP3 Silver or Gold had a debug simulator, that would probably be good enough. The simulator in MPLAB X IDE works great, but that is assembler or C, not basic.


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              actually the mplabx can and will work with pbp3 (although some if not most people find the process daunting and unworkable) ,you need make sure you can generate a coff file for your code otherwise it's just not going to work . you also need to have all the pbp3 addins loaded into mplabx .
              I have also found mplabx to be a bit picky where source files are located and I cannot get anything with dt_ints included to produce a coff file let alone compile in mplabx .
              generally I find mplabx is not worth the effort , others may disagree


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                The MCS ICD is a software driven debugger, and uses the target device USART to communicate with the PC (compared to a hardware debgger which uses the device programmer/debugger and the programming pins). For this reason the device must have an USART, neither of the two device you mention has.

                Using the MCS ICD makes the compiled program larger and makes it run slower. That doesn't mean it isn't usefull though, you just need to take it into concideration.

                I've expressed my wish for hardware debug support (using PICKit3 for example) to be integrated into MCS but that's probably not happening.

                Getting MPLABX to work with PBP3 has been impossible for me, I'm not smart enough to figure it all out. Instructions talks about a plugin to be downloaded but the download is nowhere to be found. I've given up three times....