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  • PIC NeoPixel Scrolling Display Demo

    Well Over the holidays I was in Florida with my family and during that time my daughter was designing a wearable Arduino / NeoPixel article of clothing. It was to be a belt that would scroll messages. Well her and I went our own ways as far as designing the thing. What I did was somewhat based on the work of Michel Jasmin who wrote an article on another PIC forum. I however wanted the messages to be dynamic in nature meaning they should be able to be changed while the system is up and running and not only during pre-compile time. The attached code and include file are a complete system for building a scrolling display using the popular WS2812B (NeoPixels) with a couple of test display modes. I have tested the code to 1008 series connected pixels with 100% success. That many pixels do draw a bit of power so if you are going to build a portable unit, you will need a car battery..... The display was designed as displaying any number of 5 x 7 characters. However I made the matrix for 6 x 7 so as to leave 1 collum between each character. 1008 pixels would then yield 24 characters per display. I was doing to build a top hat with a scrolling display for new years but didn't have time to get the hat. The design is for the same number of pixels per row x 7 rows. the rows are to be connected in series starting from the left to the right. This is easy if the display is in the configuration of a circle, as I mentioned in the hat design. That was the start of each row from the top down to the bottom is mearly offset as far as the wiring goes. I also designed the input to use a Bluetooth connected device to enter the mode, messages, and color levels for the display, as well as the scrolling speed of each mode. The Bluetooth device I used was an HC-03 running at 38,400 baud. The PIC I used was an 18F26K22 as it afforded enough memory and 2 USARTs. This came in handy during debug and bootloading. I have to admit though, there are a butt load of extra pins not used as the entire project only needed 5 pins. 2 for each comm port and 1 for the NeoPixel strip. Well enough of me talking about it. Enjoy... and Happy NewYear...
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