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  • meCONFIG

    meCONFIG - is a FREE utility that generates Configuration code for use with PicBasic Pro.

    No more searching through .info and .pbpinc files.
    Just select the CONFIG options you want, and copy&paste the results into your code.

    It can generate configs in four different formats, with options to verify that the code is being compiled for the correct MCU.
    Comments matching the options are automatically included in two of the formats.

    Online-Updates keep the program up to date with just a few clicks.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	meCONFIG_1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	94.4 KB ID:	6426

    This program is currently a Beta release.
    It appears to be stable, but we will need some feedback from you (the users) before we can call it that.

    You can download the meCONFIG application from here ... meCONFIG_setup.exe

    Note: There is currently no Help file.
    It is being worked on, but it could be a while.

    It should be pretty easy to use. But I'm sure it will take some explanation.

    If you have any questions, comments or other feedback, please post them in this forum ...

    Here's a couple more Screen Shots ...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	meCONFIG_2.jpg Views:	1 Size:	97.8 KB ID:	6427
    Click image for larger version  Name:	meCONFIG_3.jpg Views:	1 Size:	96.2 KB ID:	6428
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