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2.60C (March 2010)

    Darrel Taylor
    melabs Tech Support

  • 2.60C (March 2010)

    • Fixed ADCIN for parts with 5-bit channel select
    • Fixed HPWM for parts with CCPTMRSx SFRs
    • Added support for PIC18F66K80 family
    • Fixed "Argument out of range" for COUNT in 16F1xxx parts
    • Fixed errors in PBPL for I2C commands forward-looking labels
    • Fixed ADCIN GO_DONE error for new PIC18F parts
    • Fixed LCDOUT for 8-bit mode with 64MHz system clock
    • Adds support for: PIC16F1824, 16F1825, 16F1828, 16F1829, 16F707, 16F720, 16F721, 18F26J13, 18F26J53, 18F27J13, 18F27J53, 18F46J13, 18F46J53, 18F47J13, 18F47J53, 18F65K22, 18F65K90, 18F66K22, 18F66K90, 18F67K22, 18F67K90, 18F85K22, 18F85K90, 18F86J72, 18F86K22, 18F86K90, 18F87J72, 18F87K22, 18F87K90, 18F25K80, 18F26K80, 18F45K80, 18F46K80, 18F65K80, 18F66K80, 18LF25K80, 18LF40K80, 18LF45K80 18LF26K80, 18LF45K80, 18LF46K80, 18LF65K80, 18LF66K80
    • Support added for second USART on PIC16F1xxx family.
    • HPWM frequency calculation fixed for PIC16F1xxx family.

    Download and run the following patch file.
    You must have PICBASIC PRO™ version 2.60, 2.60A or 2.60B. If you have modified files in your existing installation, you may need to reinstall from the PBP CD before applying this patch.
    This is not an upgrade. This patch will not work on versions earlier than 2.60.

    Download (P260C.exe, 3337K)

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      We've classified PBP 3.1 as a major upgrade due to additional assembly-libraries necessary to support Microchip's changes in memory map on their latest devices. The new libraries allow us to continue adding support for the latest 8-bit microcontrollers as they are released.
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      PBP 3.0.10 and later requires Windows 7/8/10. Windows XP is no longer supported.
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      • Fixed SPBRG register names on 16F1824 family
      • Fixed READ/WRITE issues for 16(L)F183xx
      • Changed default config for 18F87K22 for better results
      • Added DAC1CON0/DAC1CON1 SFRs for 12F1571/72
      • Added support for 16(L)F18326, 16(L)F18346
      02-25-2017, 05:52 AM
    • Pbp 3.0.9
      Charles Leo
      by Charles Leo
      • Fixed READ/WRITE errors (missing EEADR>NVADR) for 16F176x
      • Fixed RESUME bad-BSR vulnerability in enhanced mid-range families
      02-25-2017, 05:47 AM