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PBP3 - 3.0.0.x

    Darrel Taylor
    melabs Tech Support

  • PBP3 - 3.0.0 (Aug 2011)

    New Functionality:

    • Conditional-compilation with #IF, #IFDEF, and #IFNDEF. Control all PBP code with conditional statements, including DEFINE, Variable and Alias declarations, and Configuration Directives.
    • Conditional constants can be defined in source code or passed to PBP via command-line options.
    • #CONFIG block allows configuration directives in source code without modifying system files. Multiple configuration blocks can be selected with conditional compile.
    • Custom compiler message, warning, and error generation.
    • Mechanism to create custom PBP commands. (Undocumented at the time of this writing.  More information to come.)

    Installation and Compatibility:

    • License protection through online/offline activation.
    • MPLABX/MPASMX Compatibility with PBP-aware syntax highlighting.
    • Automatic MPLAB 8.x setup and configuration.
    • Assembler selection from Start Menu allows specific assembler-version selection, regardless of PATH variable entries. Selection setting accessible as an environment variable.
    • PATH environment modification no longer required for assembly process.
    • 63-character limit on path\filename removed.
    • Complete compatibility with 64-bit Windows.

    Structural Changes:

    • Various include files consolidated into one support file per device.
    • SFR names declared for each individual device.
    • Device-specific command library capability.
    • Single executable (PBPX.exe) for both PBPW and PBPL compilation.
    • PM Assembler no longer supported.

    Usability and Accessibility:

    • Newly revised and expanded, 300+ page reference manual.
    • Configuration information provided for each supported device.
    • Multiple editions with different device-support subsets available.
    • Free major upgrades for one year with every upgrade or full-version purchase.
    • Minor updates and new-device support distributed frequently through free downloads for all current-version licensed users.
    • All PBP3 editions and upgrades may be purchased as downloads.

    Bug fixes and tweaks:

    • Limit on LOOKUP2 item list increased to 1024 for Mid-Range and Enhanced Mid-Range architectures.
    • HPWM changed to accommodate 1:64 prescaler in Enhanced Mid-Range Architecture. (lower minimum frequency limit)
    • Fixed HPWM compile error for 18FxxK80.
    • Fixed HPWM compile error for Enhanced Mid-Range parts in which CCPTMRS0 doesn't exist.
    • Fixed HPWM channel-5 bug for Enhanced Mid-Range parts.
    • Fixed ERASECODE/WRITECODE/READCODE for 12F617 and similar parts.

    Support added for:

    • Silver and Gold Editions:  12F752, ,12HV752
    • Gold Edition:  12(L)F1840, 16(L)F1507, 16(L)F1516, 16(L)F1517, 16(L)F1518, 16(L)F1519, 16(L)F1526, 16(L)F1527, 16(L)F1782, 16(L)F1783, 16(L)F1847, 16LF1902, 16LF1903, 16LF1904, 16LF1906, 16LF1907
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      PBP 3.0.10 and later requires Windows 7/8/10. Windows XP is no longer supported.
      • Fixed bank-boundary vulnerability for LONG array variables
      • Fixed SPBRG register names on 16F1824 family
      • Fixed READ/WRITE issues for 16(L)F183xx
      • Changed default config for 18F87K22 for better results
      • Added DAC1CON0/DAC1CON1 SFRs for 12F1571/72
      • Added support for 16(L)F18326, 16(L)F18346
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      • Fixed RESUME bad-BSR vulnerability in enhanced mid-range families
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