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  • Pbp 3.0.7

    Pbp 3.0.7

    • Suppressed assembler message (303) for Enhanced Mid-Range families
    • Increased path and filename limit for MCSPX ICD
    • Replaced deprecated __CONFIG directives for PIC18
    • Fixed bug in LOOKUP2?TCLW macro for PIC18
    • Added support for devices: PIC12LF1552, 16F527, 16(L)F1784, 16(L)F1786, 16(L)F1787, 16(L)F1788, 16(L)F1789, 18(L)F24K50, 18(L)F25K50, 18(L)F45K50
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  • Pbp 3.0.6

    Pbp 3.0.6

    • Fixed HPWM defines for 12F1501
    • Fixed SFR list for 12F1501, 16F1503, 16F1507
    • Removed "W" from SFR list for all devices
    • Fixed PIC18 BANK15 SFR-access for HSER2 and HPWM commands
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  • Pbp 3.0.5

    Pbp 3.0.5

    • Fixed WRITECODE block size for 16(L)F1826/1827
    • Fixed configuration defaults for 12(L)F752 to match MPASM 5.44
    • Legacy SFR names restored for many devices
    • New Parts: 12F1501, 16F1503, 16F1508, 16F1509, 16F1512, 16F1513
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  • Pbp 3.0.4

    Pbp 3.0.4

    • Fixed #IF/#IFDEF (# directives having effect in uncompiled blocks)
    • New Activation Manager
    • List default configuration in device reference files (.info)
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  • Pbp 3.0.3

    Pbp 3.0.3

    • Fixed CCP register names for 18F4480, 18F4580
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  • Pbp 3.0.2

    Pbp 3.0.2

    • Fixed hardware id problems evident on some computers
    • Fixed GPIO/TRISIO register names for 12F519, 12CE519
    • Fixed errors in .info files
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  • Pbp 3.0.1

    Pbp 3.0.1

    • Fixed bit aliases pointing to WORD variables bit-8 through bit-15.
    • Fixed problem in offline activation.
    • Activation in Windows7 changed to per-machine instead of per-user.
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  • PBP3 - 3.0.0 (Aug 2011)

    New Functionality: Conditional-compilation with #IF, #IFDEF, and #IFNDEF. Control all PBP code with conditional statements, including DEFINE, Variable and Alias declarations, and Configuration Directives. Conditional constants can be defined in source code or passed to PBP via command-line options. #CONFIG block allows configuration directives in source code without modifying system files. Multiple configuration blocks can be selected with...
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  • 2.60C (March 2010)

    2.60C (March 2010)

    Fixed ADCIN for parts with 5-bit channel select Fixed HPWM for parts with CCPTMRSx SFRs Added support for PIC18F66K80 family Fixed "Argument out of range" for COUNT in 16F1xxx parts Fixed errors in PBPL for I2C commands forward-looking labels Fixed ADCIN GO_DONE error for new PIC18F parts Fixed LCDOUT for 8-bit mode with 64MHz system clock Adds support for: PIC16F1824, 16F1825, 16F1828, 16F1829, 16F707, 16F720, 16F721, 18F...
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  • PicBasic Pro Version History

    The preview text goes here. If you don't enter anything here, the pagetext will be stripped of html and the beginning will be used....
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  • Pbp 3.1.6
    by Charles Leo
    • Fixed bug in ON INTERRUPT for 18FxxK42, 18FxxQ43 devices.
    06-21-2022, 05:32 AM
  • Pbp 3.1.5
    by Charles Leo
    • Added support for devices: PIC18F24Q10, PIC18F25Q10, PIC18F26Q10, PIC18F27Q10, PIC18F45Q10, PIC18F46Q10, PIC18F47Q10, PIC18F25Q43, PIC18F26Q43, PIC18F27Q43, PIC18F45Q43, PIC18F46Q43, PIC18F47Q43, PIC18F55Q43, PIC18F56Q43, PIC18F57Q43
    04-25-2022, 10:43 AM
  • Pbp 3.1.4
    by Charles Leo
    Beta test release. If you're using this version, you should update.
    04-25-2022, 10:33 AM
  • Pbp 3.1.3
    by Charles Leo
    • Added support for devices: PIC16(L)F18424, PIC16(L)F18425, PIC16(L)F18426, PIC16(L)F18444, PIC16(L)F18445, PIC16(L)F18446, PIC16(L)F18455, PIC16(L)F18456
    • Fixed WRITECODE/ERASECODE/READCODE on addresses beyond 64K on 18(L)FxxK42
    • Fixed ON INTERRUPT for 18(L)FxxK42
    • Fixed Assembly header for 12LF1572
    • Changed installer based on user feedback
    07-19-2020, 06:54 AM
  • Pbp 3.1.2
    by Charles Leo
    • Fixed bit-compare and bank-select for banks higher than 15 in K42/K83 families
    • Fixed compile error when using arrays with 10F3xx
    • Fixed HPWM for 16F18313/23, 16F1769
    • Changed default #CONFIG for 16(L)F15xxx family to set SOSC pins to normal I/O
    • Changed default #CONFIG for 16(L)F171x family to disable ZCD on power up
    • Fixed HPWM CCPTMRSx-selection for 18(L)FxxK42
    • Fixed PPS and HPWM for 16F161x family
    • Fixed missing SFRs in 18LFxxK42 devices
    02-25-2019, 11:51 AM
  • Pbp 3.1.1
    by Charles Leo
    • Added support for devices: PIC16(L)F19155, PIC16(L)F19156, PIC16(L)F19175, PIC16(L)F19176, PIC16(L)F19185, PIC16(L)F19186, PIC16(L)F19195, PIC16(L)F19196, PIC16(L)F19197, PIC18(L)F24K42, PIC18(L)F25K42, PIC18(L)F26K42, PIC18(L)F27K42, PIC18(L)F45K42, PIC18(L)F46K42, PIC18(L)F47K42, PIC18(L)F55K42, PIC18(L)F56K42, PIC18(L)F57K42, PIC18(L)F25K83, PIC18(L)F26K83
    • Changed default PPS pins for HSER2 commands to avoid accidental ICSP lockout
    • Added method to cancel CCP-PPS defaults in devices so
    01-02-2018, 05:08 AM