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error codes or operating instructions?

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  • error codes or operating instructions?

    Where can I find the list of error codes produced by my six month old standalone programmer? It worked fine when I first got it, but I just updated a PB3 program and sent it to a 2 GB SD card (FAT) through v 4.64 ME labs programmer "Save for field programmer as...". I put the card in the programmer, connected the 16f1827 PIC in to the ZIF socket (8-20) end connected, pin 1 verified. Plug power to the power adapter and get a green LED. Press the button and I get two flashes and a pause, repeatedly. I also tried a 16 MB Toshiba SK card.

    There is only one file on the SD card(s), RE-IT v6-1.hex. I even tried renaming the file 'reit61.hex'. No luck. HELP!

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      If you face a issue then you can Consult the Programmer's manual, Contact the manufacturer or support, Check the SD card compatibility, Verify file format and naming, Double-check power supply and connections. www myfedloan idrapp
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