Hello All,

I've also asked my questions in another forum before I found here 22-support... section. So sorry,for somebody if found it twice!!

In brief, I am pretty new in PBP3 world, I've recently migrated to PBP3 and still not familiar with fuse configuration @PBP3. I've started with PIC18F4520 and lots of s at first step

Just some question about 18F4520:
Would you please let me know if I want to configure:
1) To set internal oscillator (RA6 & RA7 be available as two G.P. I/Os), with maximum possible frequency.
2) BOR=disable.
3) LVP=disable.
4) MCLRE=disable.

Would be very appreciated if you let me know how to find answers for my hereafter questions from this software (meCONFIG.exe).

Thank you very much in advance &
Best regards,

P.S. My MicroCode Studio ver: & compiler PBPX ver: with PICKIT2 programmer.