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    The last time I used assembler was in college in 1978. I'm wanting to re-learn it to enhance my PBP3 capabilities. Can someone recommend a good textbook or tutorial?

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    If you want to learn Assembly Language, you already have the best "Interactive" tutorial there is ... PBP.

    For all the things you can do with PBP, you can create a 1-line program. More when you get better at it. That answers the specific question you may have. Like, "how do I set a port to Output?

    Just create a small program that has 1 line ...


    After you compile it, you'll find a .ASM .MAC and .LST file in the folder that the original program was in.
    Start with the .ASM

    Those files will give you more insight into the workings of PBP's macro's, than ANY book I've ever seen.

    Really, no I'm serious. Try it!
    You can ask it any question (that PBP can do), and you'll get an answer that relates to your question, instead of an example to some project in a book that has no relevance to what you want to know.

    Change the program a little, and see how the resulting ASM changes.

    You can't ask a book a question.
    And you can't ask it for an example that's different than what the author wrote ... 10 years ago.

    This is the way I learned how to use assembly language in PBP.
    Using Assembly language in PBP is very different from writing straight Assembly Language programs.
    PBP3 Manual : Microchip Datasheets - 10F, 12F, 16F, 18F
    Never download a PIC datasheet from anywhere but


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      'And you can't ask it for an example that's different than what the author wrote ... 10 years ago.'

      You're not kidding about that! All the assembler books I have found are old.

      Reread your post here.

      I will look for those files in the directory.

      Last night I wasted time looking all over editor for 'Assembly View' like Great Cow Basic.


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        Some good resources for re-learning assembler programming include "Programming from the Ground Up" by Jonathan Bartlett, "Assembly Language Step-by-Step: Programming with Linux" by Jeff Duntemann, "The Art of Assembly Language" by Randall Hyde, and "Learn Assembly Language" by William B. Jones. mybkexperience
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