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USB U2 Not programming

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  • Hudson

    Try a different USB port or PCI slot on the computer. Check compatibility of the adapter and your USB ports.

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  • dudeensve
    USB U2 Not programming, To give command to it here are some of the best type of products which are important for our used. I would like to find something more which is just explain what is the assignment help Melbourne programming in real and how can we handle all what you are talking about.

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  • merlim
    started a topic USB U2 Not programming

    USB U2 Not programming

    USB U2 Not programming

    Any body knows please Help:
    PS: My first languish is German

    I have installed :

    PBP #3 Gold
    Micro Code Studio Plus V
    Compiler V PBPX
    MPLAB IDE V 8.85

    Programmer : USB U2 melabs 4.5. Firmware 5.9
    Chip Target info ID 09A4 (16F877)

    My problem started when I tried to program PIC16F88.

    So I went back to BASICs:
    I use the USB U2 melabs with a LAB-X2 from meLAB
    Chip is 16F877-20/P .
    Yes power is supplied to the LAB-X2
    My programmer gets power from a powered USB Port

    My program is blink3x2 from meLAB sample library for the LAB-X2

    When I go [program compile inMicro Code Studio] it appears every thing is fine however
    the red programming LED on the U2 Programmer is not flashing !
    And I don’t get the desired results on the LAB-X2

    When I program from the meLAB Programmer it appears to program just
    fine [the red led is flashing].unfortunate I don’t get the desired results on the LAB-X2.
    Except now the hex code is changed !

     ' Name        : BLINK3X2.pbp
    ' Compiler    : PICBASIC PRO Compiler 2.6
    ' Assembler   : PM or MPASM
    ' Target PIC  : 28/40-pin PIC types compatible with LAB-X2 board
    ' Hardware    : LAB-X2 Experimenter Board
    ' Oscillator  : 4MHz external crystal
    ' Keywords    : FOR NEXT
    ' Description : PICBASIC PRO program to blink 3 LEDS in sequence.
    ' 16F877
    ' Define LOADER_USED to allow use of the boot loader.
    ' This will not affect normal program operation.
    'Define LOADER_USED 1
    i    Var Byte   ' Define loop variable
    LEDS Var PORTB  ' Alias PORTB to LEDS
       TRISB = %00000000  ' Set PORTB to all output
       LEDS = 1           ' First LED on
       Pause 500          ' Delay for .5 seconds
       For i = 1 To 2     ' Go through For..Next loop 2 times
         LEDS = LEDS << 1 ' Shift on LED one to left
         Pause 500        ' Delay for .5 seconds
       Next i
       Goto mainloop      ' Go back to mainloop and blink LED forever